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SMART Timers

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SMART Timers

"Smart" irrigation controllers reduce outdoor water use by monitoring and using information about site conditions (such as the site's sun exposure, soil moisture, rain, wind, slope, soil, plant type, and more). They apply the right amount of water based on those factors, not too much and not too little, to maintain healthy growing conditions. For example:

  • During hot weather, plants require more water than during cooler periods. "Smart" controllers adjust the amount of water applied accordingly.
  • When significant rainfall occurs, rain sensors compensate by reducing the amount of water, as appropriate.
  • If you have a soil type that absorbs water very slowly or a property with steep slopes, "smart" controllers will use that information and apply less water, more frequently, to minimize runoff.

The SMART Timer Flat Fee Installation Program Requirements:

  • Replacement of properly installed Irrigation Controller Only
  • Electrical must meet current code requirements.
  • Order must have correct number of valves matching the SMART Timer ordered.
  • If electrical condition is bad or valve qualtity does not match the property, then , you must pay a $100 service charge for your installer's time

The installation procedure includes a survey of your existing sprinkler system. You will not get the complete water savings benefits without making the necessary fixes to your sprikler system. Also, water savings benefits occur on an annual basis and hot summer months may even see a rise in your water bill. The purpose of the timer is to optimize your watering schedule and assure your plants of sufficient water.

Brand Price Range Comparative Information
The Toro Company $370.80 - $550 • Precise, accurate weather data wirelessly transmitted to your controller daily. • No weather station/monitor to install, maintain or calibrate. • “Moisture depletion allowance” methodology allows soil to partially dry out between watering cycles to encourage deeper, healthier root growth. • The confidence that comes from using a Toro product with a 5-year trade warranty.

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