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The Toro Company

Toro Intelli-Sense Smart Timer

From coast to coast, more 6 to 48 station Toro Intelli-Sense™ controllers automatically adjust irrigation schedules in response to weather changes than any other major brand of “SMART” controllers. The built-in WeatherTRAK® scheduling engine uses ET information to adjust watering schedules, station by station, based on a depletion allowance methodology. This methodology promotes deeper, healthier root development than the competing methodology (Weathermatic) which simply increases or decreases watering times on a daily basis. This approach typically results in more fragile, shallow root systems.

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ET Everywhere™ wireless service provides the broadest, reliable coverage because it collects data from more than 27,000 weather stations throughout the U.S. and combines it with data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to calculate and deliver localized weather information directly to your IntelliSense controller – all with precision down to 1 square kilometer. This professionally managed data analysis eliminates the need for local weather station maintenance and calibration, which is required to assure reliable results. In addition, Toro’s 5-year trade warranty and extensive support network assure peace of mind when using water-saving, Intelli-Sense™ technology.

Model Number Detailed Description Price
Intelli-Sense 9 Indoor View Details $370.80
SMART Retrofit Plus View Details $150

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