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Tower Garden – Grow Your Own Food!

Tower Garden - Grow Your Own Food!

Grow Green, Grow Healthy, With The Easiest Garden On Earth!

Visit website: http://gardeniv.towergerden.com








Grow your own food in your backyard year-round!

There is no weeding, tilling, kneeling, or getting dirty! The Tower Garden is a plug and play vertical garden. There is no need to have a “green thumb.” The Tower Garden comes with everything you need to start growing. It is easy to assemble and fun for the whole family to watch your food grow from seed to an abundant harvest ready to eat for dinner. Tower Gardens fit easily on urban patios or rooftop gardens.

Go Green by growing with a Tower Garden!

The Tower Garden uses a closed system technology to recycle 100% of the nutrients and water. This means the plants use as little as 5 percent of the nutrients and water that is commonly used in conventional and organic farming. The Tower Garden is made in the USA and is the only vertical growing system made from food safe plastic that has been UV stabilized for years of outdoor use.

Save money by growing your own food!

The Tower Garden can save you hundreds of dollars a year in healthy food that is also clean, safe, pesticide free, and highly nutritious. Your vegetables will grow in at least half the time it would normally take in the soil! Grow everything from gourmet lettuces and herbs, to edible flowers, to beautiful vine ripened tomatoes and strawberries.

The world’s first, one of a kind, patented Tower Garden

  • Grows 20 plants per tower
  • Purchase add-on kits and grow up to 28 plants!
  • Grow many fruits and almost any vegetable, herb, or flower
  • Requires as little as 5 percent of traditional growing nutrients & water (nutrients made with human nutrition in mind and no fertilizers!)
  • Can produce crops in a fraction of the time it takes to grow in soil
  • With a submersible heater, grow in colder climates
  • No growing experience necessary

Our Purpose:

The space age Tower Garden technology took 10 years to fully develop into the product we have today. We started off with the following three main goals:

  • Produce healthy plants.
  • Produce healthy food for people.
  • Produce food in a sustainable growing system.

To achieve the first goal, we designed a water based growing system that created its own highly oxygenated environment for the plant roots. Modern research has shown that increased oxygen to the root system helps to prevent disease and improves plant growth.

To achieve the first and second goal of producing healthy plants and healthy food for people, we also had to develop a water based mineral solution to support the Tower Garden technology.  It took support from leading world experts in plant and human nutrition to develop the proprietary Tower Tonic plant food we use today. The Tower Tonic contains a wide range of specially formulated ionic minerals and plant nutrients. The Tower Tonic provides a pH balanced blend of natural plant nutrients that stimulate plant roots, flowers, fruits, and leaves. The Tower Tonic is the world’s first high performance ionic mineral solution specifically designed for all types of food and flowering crops. The amazing Tower Tonic can be used to grow everything from gourmet lettuce, to edible flowers, to beautiful vine ripened tomatoes. Healthy plants packed with nutrition help create healthy people!

Our third goal—to have a sustainable technology—was an integral part of developing the Tower Garden technology. For example, water practices for organic or conventional agriculture are extremely wasteful and a huge concern with looming water shortages worldwide. Also, the carbon footprint of the food is greatly reduced by eliminating shipping and storage. The Tower Garden also uses a closed system technology to recycle 100% of the nutrients and water. This means the plants use as little as 5 percent of the nutrients and water that is commonly used in conventional and organic farming. Food is also not wasted because crops can be harvested as needed in each household.

Finally, the pH balanced ionic minerals and plant nutrients found in the Tower Tonic (Ionic mineral-based plant food used in the Tower Garden), produce strong, healthy plants that can better protect themselves from plant pests and disease. This reduces the use of organic and conventional pesticides.

For more information contact: Mike Palmer  949-645-2357

Email: mpalmer@gardeniv.com

Visit website: http://gardeniv.towergerden.com

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