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The Nature Conservancy Urges Immediate Action on Water Bill

The Nature Conservancy Urges Immediate Action on Water Bill

SB1xx will help ensure water supply reliability in California

SACRAMENTO, CA — July 14, 2008 — The Nature Conservancy today released the following statement of support for measure SB1XX, by Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata, which would allocate nearly $1 billion of existing bond funds to address water supply reliability.

“We are in a dire situation. The state’s water crisis impacts not only our drinking water, but our food supply, critical wildlife habitat in our rivers and streams, and the ability for all Californians to thrive,” said Mike Sweeney, executive director for The Nature Conservancy’s California program.

“The funding approved by California voters in 2006 will help resolve these issues now,” continued Sweeney. “SB 1xx includes urgently needed funding for Delta restoration, projects to improve regional water supply and programs to address the effects of climate change on our water system. SB 1xx would also fund projects to explore reoperation of our existing water system to better meet California’s environmental, water supply and flood management needs. We strongly urge the Legislature to pass, and the Governor to sign, SB1XX as soon as possible so we can begin to repair our fragile Delta and improve the reliability of California’s water supply.”

Over a span of nearly fifty years, The Nature Conservancy has protected and restored more than one million acres of California’s most important lands and waters. With climate change at our doorstep, a relentlessly growing population and an expanding drought at hand, these habitats and the life that depends on them will rise or fall largely on how Californians address the water crisis. The Nature Conservancy is a key participant in many of California’s major water planning efforts including the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, Delta Vision and the California Water Plan Update.

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